September 2019 Club Round Wrapup…

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September 2019 Club Round Wrapup
Last Weekend, Sunday the 8th September was our Club round for the club @ Lennox Main. 
30 Members fronted up to surf a low to incoming tide , with a increasing swell size as the morning progressed. A all day westerly (off shore) with a smoke filled sky was with us, due to fires inland..
It was a surprising outstanding morning round, with some really good shaped peelers coming off a good but squarish sandbank. 
Standout for the round was the 1sts Final , full of young guns pushing all those traditional Longboard (Logging) moves . Winning this Round was a stoked Jake Ryan.
Part of the Morning, was the presentation of the Cheque Donation to the Lennox / Alstonville SLSC for their Water safety surveillance at our annual longboard classic event early August.
Present to accept the Cheque were Lifeguard Ben Dickens & Club President Geoff Harris, Representing Our club was our President Nick Mitchell.
Further Donations are being forwarded to the Disabled Surfing Association & NSW Cancer Council. Proceeds collected from our Annual Lennox Longboard Classic recently.
A BBQ was put together by Will Petrie & Rob Rye with thanks from all. Thanks To the Tallier Boothy doing the numbers all morning.
Winner of the Voucher from our Club Sponsor Lennox Surf – was Tasman Cahill. Fully Stoked after also figuring in the Firsts Final.
Special Thanks also goes to Club Member Steve O’neill for donation of a Marquee tent & sides, The club is stoked and fully appreciate this gesture.
And thanks goes to the Club Social Duo Una & Emily Organising the Sat evening Club movie  event. Thanks to all
1sts. 1. Jake Ryan. 2. Jackson Cochrane. 3. Tom Steele. 4. Gary Alford. 5. Tasman Cahill.
2nds. 1. Greg Gover. 2. Rob Rye. 3. Dan Naughton. 4. Andrew Smith. 5. Eleanor Robertson (Surfed only Round 1)
3rds. 1. Craig Leete. 2. Brendan Cahill. 3. Lee Middleton. 4. Reggie Grew. 5. Ron Crowther (Surfed Only Round 1)
4ths. 1. Terry Kay. 2. Will Petrie. 3. Emily Simmonds. 4. Jim Baker. 5. Steve Fosterling (Surfed Only Round 1)
5ths. 1. Peter Regan. 2. Nick Mitchell. 3. Celine Walsh. 4. Marcela Dias. 5. Meg Smith.
6ths. 1. Bob Mills. 2. Damien Anderson. 3. Liz Petterson. 4. Gabby Alford (Surfed  Only Round 1) 

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