OCTOBER 2019 Club Round Wrapup…..

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October 2019 Club Round Wrap

What 2 days over a weekend can bring you in surf. Saturday a perfect offshore winds & surf all day. Sunday at Lennox Main Early was clean, Winds offshore. But a blustery southerly really blew up in Round 2 making conditions tricky to say the least. 24 Members surfed. Winning the Day was Aaron Smith with outstanding Longboarding on difficult windswept waves. And best Ladies performer was Veronica Silver. 
It got really Blustery messing up one of our big shade tents up but it survived the morning. 
Thanks for the Tallying by George Leslie & finished up by Boothy. 
A group Pic was taken at the half way mark. & the Voucher from Lennox Surf Went to Veronica Silver. thanks to Lennox Surf for Sponsorship
The Next Club round November 2nd Sunday 10th , Our last for 2019.  Wraps up our surfing year for the club 
1sts. 1. Aaron Smith. 2. Peter Regan. 3. Bob Mills. 4. Greg Gover. 5. Gary Alford.
2nds. 1. Jake Ryan . 2. Davi Karlson. 3. Brendan Cahill. 4. Terry Kay.
3rds. 1. Nick Mitchell. 2. Grant Ryan. 3. John Eddy. 4. Veronica Silver.
4th & 5ths Combined. 1. Fiona Duncan. 2. Eleanor Roberrtson. 3. Adele Purbrick. 4. Jess Cohen.
Surfing only Round 1.  were :Wayne Booth, Jim Baker, Tasman Cahill, Peter Briggs, Damien Anderson Luca Baraskill & Craig Leete
Cheers In surfing. 
Club Secretary (Boothy)
Wayne Booth.
Aaron Smith 1ST , Tackling the blustery conditionsFlag changing Oct Round 2019

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