Re-scheduled Nov 2023 Wrapup

Rescheduled Club round for November to Sunday 19th .

Only 12 members surfed the round, which was at Lennox Main, just north of the foreshore redevelopment. 

Sizable waves to begin with & a low tide, but an Improvement in wave structure & length of ride, as the tide was increasing.

Showed in the Firsts & Seconds Final in their longboarding maneavours  & scores. 

Standout on the day was Mick Tsembis , taking out the First Final.

Thanks to Will Petrie club president on the BBQ cook up

And Boothy as Comp Coordinator on the Day

Craig Leete (Byronsurfphotos) for the Water Surfing Pics

This was the Final club round for 2023.

Winners of the Sponsors Vouchers, Thanks to These Sponsors For 2023.

RipCurl Ballina – Mick Tsembis, Lennox Pizza – Eleanor McCready, Lennox Head Surf – Jemma Osmond, 

Lennox Coffee & Gelato – Will Petrie & The Lennox Hotel – Wayne Booth.

Our Major Sponsor for 2023 was the Lennox Hotel / Much Appreciated.

Results : 

Ists & 2nds – 1. Mick Tsembis. 2. Will Petrie. 3. Matt Watts-kilgour. 4. Eleanor McCready. 5. Donovan Daniels. 6. Jemma Osmond.

3rds & 4ths – 1. Kurt Hardy. 2. Nick Steele. 3. Andrew Thomas. 4. John Eddy. 5. Fiona Duncan. 6. Terry Kay

Surfing only the First Round – Craig Leete

Our Next Club Function for 2023 is our Xmas / 2023 Presso on Sat 9th December.

Info regarding the Club can be found on our Club Website –

Club Email – 

We recommence in 2024 On the 2nd Sunday of February.A  Very Merry Christmas & a Safe Festive Season

November Crew
Mick Tsembis
Donovan Daniels
Lennox Main
Will Petrie
That’s all for 2023

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