November 2019 Club Round Wrapup

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Sunday 10th November, Lennox Main Beach, Final Club round for 2019. 36 MEMBERS surfed.  A perfect Summers day, off shore winds Good longboarding Waves, with a high tide mid morning, all the elements coming together to provide a great November round. But shown by the picture above smoke laden-ed skies, giving it a purplish/ brown haze over the ocean.
Arron Smith, Jackson Cochrane & Eleanor Robertson Figuring prominently in the 1sts & Gemma Osborne & Lee Middleton in the 2nds, relishing in these pristine waves at Lennox Main.
Thanks again to Will Petrie & Andrew Smith, Manning the BBQ ..A1 efforts all 2019 & to George Leslie for his Tallying all throughout 2019.
Winner of the voucher from Lennox Surf went to Jake Ryan. Thanks go to Lennox Surf Who again supported the club in 2019.
And to Our Lennox longboard Classic, back in August,  Sponsors Major Mobile Plumbing Lennox Head & all our Valued Sponsors that came on board in 2019, Big Thankyou from the Club.
We RECESS for Xmas & return in 2020 2nd Sunday of February.
Our Club Xmas / Presentation is set down for Sat December 7th.
Finally Thanks to the membership of the club for making it a Family orientated club, With a love of Longboard Surfing
1sts. 1 Aaron Smith. 2. Jackson Cochrane. 3. Eleanor Robertson. 4. Wayne Booth. 5. Rob Rye. 6. Brendan Cahill.
2nds. 1. James Foster. 2. Jemma Osbourne. 3. Lee Middleton. 4. Matt Durkin. 5. Gary Alford. 6. Greg Gover.
3rds. 1. Tom Steele. 2. Taylor Hessian. 3. Tasman Cahill. 4. Fiona Duncan. 5. Una Fahey. 6. Toby Ryan.
4ths. 1. Terry Kay. 2. Meg Smith. 3. Veronica Silver. 4. Peter Regan. 5. Kate Ashdown. 6. Will Petrie.
5ths.1.Jake Ryan. 2. Grant Ryan. 3. Lachlan Jones. 4. Steve Fosterling. 5. Liz Petterson. 6. Damian Anderson.
6ths. 1. Andrew Smith. 2. Emily Simmonds. 3. Nick Mitchell. 4. Jim Baker. 5. Gabby Alford. 6. Jane Birch 
So it’s been good to report on the club’s progress throughout 2019.
May you all have a great Xmas & a safe new year , both in & out of the Water.
Club Secretary & In Surfing.
(Boothy) Wayne Booth.

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