May 2021 Club Round

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Last Sunday May 9th (Mothers Day) The club held it’s May Club Round. 30 crew members surfed a challenging head high break at Lennox Main Beach. A challenge because of the set sizes & the very straight bank formed out back.
It was mothers day & Chicken/ champaign/ orange juice was prepared for the Surfing mums. Thanks goes to Andrew & Meg Smith, upholding a club tradition.
Some Slick fast waves were had, though difficult at times. Some Surfing was awarded for their guts & glory on these waves.
Standouts for this round was Taylor Hession winning the Firsts, & of course the mums surfing on the day.
Vouchers x 3 handed out to random members, Grant Ryan, Taylor Hession & Gary Alford. Thanks to Club Sponsor Lennox Surf.
We missed the surfing shots of Craig Leete (Byron Surf Photos). We are blessed with some great Water shots by Craig.
Next Club Round is scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of June 13th. 
1sts. 1. Taylor Hession. 2. Simon Clarey. 3. Dietmar Sobczak. 4. Gary Crawley. 5. Jake Ryan.
2nds. 1. Aaron Smith. 2. Matt Watts-Kilgar. 3. Tasman Cahill. 4. Jackson Cochrane. 5 Eleanor Robertson.
3rds . 1. Meg Smith. 2. Andrew Smith.
4ths. 1. Toby Ryan.  2. John Eddy. 3. Matt Durkin. 4. Terry Kay. 5. Brock Jensen.
5ths. 1. Martin Fox. 2. Una Fahey. 3. Veronica Silver. 4. Bodie Fox. 5. Fiona Duncan.
6ths. 1. Reid Pownall. 2. Angus Carmichael. 3. Grant Ryan. 4. Liz Peterson.
Surfing Round 1 ONLY  – Michael Pride 3rd, Sam Dwyer 3rd, Frazer Jones 3rd.
Attached Are a few shots of Mums surfing in the club.Lennox Mums @ the Yamba Sinle Fin Event. 2018

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