June 2021 Club Round Summing up

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To All Crew. 
Summing up last Sundays Club Round for the Lennox Longboarders Club (June 13th).
 A Long weekend, pristine weather sunshine plus , off shore winds. Apparently good sized waves, to head height. 
25 Members fronted to surf. A talented Firsts final with Taylor Hession again winning the Firsts , 2 club rounds in a row.
Mia Francis matching in the Firsts & the Cahill boys  in the Seconds Final. 
New Member on board Will Burke. Welcome to the Club..
Thanks goes again to our Club Sponsors in 2021
Results :
1st. 1. Taylor Hession. 2. Gary Crawley. 3. Mia Francis. 4. Tim Leete.
2nds. 1. Brendan Cahill. 2. Tasman Cahill. 3. Andrew Thomas. 4.  Aaron Smith.
3rds.1. Chris Cain. 2. Jemma Osmond. 3. Ned Hawkey. 4. Peter Regan.
4ths. 1. Simon Cleary. 2. Will Burke. 3. Will Petrie. 4. Terry Kay.
5ths. 1. Dan McDonald. 2. Fiona Duncan. 3. Grant Ryan. 4. Damien Anderson.
Jim Baker (First Round Only)
July Club Round Scheduled for  1st Sunday the 4th. 
Few Club round shots captured in 2021 Photos c/- (Byron Surf Photos) Thanks Craig Leete.
Cheers In Surfing.
(Boothy) Wayne Booth
Club Secretary..


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