July 2021 Club Round.

Report & Results from the Club Round held on Sunday 18th July. 25 members fronted up to Lennox Main, with 20 surfing in 4 heats.
We were welcomed with a superb sunny pristine day with light westerlies, metre surf rolling in breaking of lines off the sandbank. Basically perfect longboard surfing waves. And with a incoming tide & these conditions, still working into lunch & into the pm. The Firsts final was the last of the morning, conditions prevailing, the longboarding was outstanding, with tip time (Nose riding in abundance). There was continuing good conditions to have a free surf post comp round.
Winners of the Surf Vouchers from Lennox Surf were –  Micheal Pride &  Dietmar Sobczak  Thanks to Gav @  the local Lennox Surf.
Thanks to all crew following local covid precautions. No BBQ on the day. But it was good to conduct the round in such good conditions. 
Again Thanks to (byronsurfphotos) Craig Leete for the watershots of the boys in the firsts final.
Firsts, 1. Jackson Cochrane. 2. Terry Kay. 3. Simon Clarey. 4. Dietmar Sobczak.
Seconds. 1. Will Burke. 2. Taylor Hession. 3. Craig Leete. 4. Eleanor Robertson.
Thirds . 1. Chris Cain. 2. Jim Baker. 3. Andrew Thomas.
Forths. 1. James Foster. 2. Peter Regan. 3. Grant Ryan.
Fifths. 1. Micheal Pride. 2. Adelle Purbrick. 3. Kate Ashdown. 4. Fiona Duncan. 5. Alex Cronin.
Surfing round 1 only Tasman Foster.
Our Next Round is the August Round Sunday 8th.
Jackson Cochrane 1st on the day
Simon Clarey July Round 1sts FinalTerry Kay JulyDietmar Sebczak July 2021 round

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