August 2021 Club Round Sum-up

Report & Results of the August Club round for 2021.
Sunday 8th August Lennox Main Beach again, 30 members fronted up to surf. Conditions Morning westerly wind initially , turning Southerly late mid morning. High tide favourable with initial heats. Impending looking inclement weather from the south. Congratulations to Toby Ryan winning the Firsts final, amongst some outstanding longboarding in his Final. Best Ladies position Kate Ashdown 2nd in the 3rds final.
Thanks all who abided with the current covid regulations for the club, Club QR code & name register
During the whole morning we missed the impending forecasted rain from the south.
Congrats to Terry Kay & Will Petrie winning vouchers from Lennox Surf Shop.
1sts. 1. Toby Ryan. 2. Ned Hawkey. 3. Jackson Cochrane. 4. James Foster. 5. Jim Baker.
2nds. 1. Will Petrie. 2. Taylor Hession. 3. Sam Dwyer. 4. Michael Pride. 5. Sam Arogan.
3rds. 1. Mitchell Keating. 2. Kate Ashdown. 3. John Eddy.
4ths. 1. Dietmar Sobczak. 2. Lachlan Jones. 3. Eleanor Robertson.
6ths. 1. Andrew Smith. 2. Veronica Silver. 3. Terry Kay.
Surfing only the First Round 
5ths  Andrew Thomas, Wayne Booth, Matt Durkin, Peter Regan, Alex Cronin.
Frazer Jones 3rds, Tasman Foster 6ths. Adelle Purbrick & Meg Smith 4ths.
No Sept Club Round. 
Next Event for the club September 19th
The Ripcurl Lennox Longboard “One Dayer” 2021
The RIP CURL Lennox Longboard One Dayer 2021 poster (600 x 383).jpg
Entry Form Attached 
And 2 PICS from our surfing Files. From Craig Leete, (Byronsurfphotos)
Toby Ryan & Kate Ashdown.
Cheers (Boothy) Wayne Booth
Club Secretary

Toby Ryan.JPG  Kate Ashdown.jpeg

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