September 2021 Club Round Update

Re : The Club Round Sunday 19th Sept. Report & Results
17 crew fronted for the Club Round, Under present Covid Restrictions. The round replaced the scheduled One Dayer Event, cancelled Due the Present Covid Situation.The Ripcurl Lennox Longboard “One Dayer” event has been rescheduled to Sunday March 20th 2022.A improving Sunny day was met, with variable winds, going off shore to Southerly. Still  challenging waves, overhead hitting the sandbank hard with sets at Lennox Main.Standouts for the Day were Taylor Hession & Jemma Osmond in the Firsts. Finals numbers were small due to a deteriorating Surf Conditions.Winner of the Voucher From Lennox Surf was Jimmy Baker. Thanks to Lennox Surf for their continued support


1sts. 1. Taylor Hession. 2. Jemma Osmond. 3. Craig Leete.

2nds, 3rds & 4ths Combined 1. Fiona Duncan. 2. John Eddy. 3. Meg Smith.

Surfing only Round Round 1. Adelle Purbrick, Eleanor Robertson.3rds Round 1. Tasman Foster, Veronica Silver.4ths Round 1. Jim Baker, Terry Kay,.5ths Round 1 Grant Ryan, Andrew Smith, Tully Smith.6ths Round 1 Micky Smith.

Pics of the Gromments Thanks to James Foster.

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