Oct Club Round 2021 Wrapup

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Oct Club Round

Sunday 17th Oct was the deferred Oct club round. And what a pearler of a Spring morning was laid out for us at Lennox Main Beach. 30 signed up to surf for the October session. Again Covid precautions were upheld.The surf was small to waist height , but clean & very surfable for Round 1.Standouts today were Matt Watts-kilgar winning the Firsts, With stylish longboarding moves, a focal of his longboard surfing. And just following him in the 1sts Mia Francis, a graceful style relishing the small conditions.Our leading Elder of the club Jimmy Baker Figured well in the Firsts final, in waves that linked up & suited Jim to a T.The Ladies amongst our ranks figured well with their Positions that they relished in the small clean 2-3ft waves. Hence their resultsWinner of the Voucher from Lennox Surf was Peter Regan, Thanks to Lennox Surf , for their continued support throughout 2021Thanks to George again for the Comp Tallying.And the Pictures on the day taken by Craig Leete @byronsurfphotos 


1sts . 1. Matt Watts-Kilgar. 2. Mia Francis. 3. Tim Leete. 4. Jim Barker. 5. Aaron Smith.

2nds. 1. Ned Hawkey. 2. Jake Ryan. 3. Will Burke. 4. Toby Ryan.

3rds. 1. Jemma Osmond. 2. Veronica Silver. 3. Greg Gover. 4. Craig Leete. 5. Terry Kay.

4ths. 1. Kate Ashdown. 2. Adelle Purbrick. 3. Reid Pownall. 4. Peter Regan. 5. Wayne Booth.

5ths. 1. Sam Dwyer. 2. Ben Ross. 3. Fiona Duncan. 4. Grant Ryan

Surfing Only Round 1 – Simon Cleary 2nds, Meg Smith & Tasman Foster Fifths.

Brothers in arms From The Weekend Round, Toby & Jake

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