April 2021 Club Round

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Lennox Longboarders Club April Round Report & Results.
Sunday April 11th , A perfect Autumns day at Lennox Main.  Pristine, Good Waves . Near 40 members turned out for a special morning of longboarding. The conditions were great till we finished at 1pm.
Perfect waves lead to some awesome Longboard Surfing, Especially when some class waves allows you to do some maneuvers in style. And they came in the return of Logger Chris Cain. These waves really allowed him to flash his style.
He won the Firsts with his Longboarding Finesse. Father & Son Duo Brenden & Tasman Cahill also tore up the waves during their rounds.
Thanks goes to the Will Petrie manning the BBQ, Feeding the crew & thanks to George Leslie again Tallying up all the scores. 
And to the photo gurus taking the shots this round both in the water & on the shore. Craig Leete ( Byronsurfphotos), John Eddy & Wayne Booth. Thanks we love those water shots.
And thanks goes to our Club sponsors displayed on our new Club Trailer.
1sts. 1. Chris Cain. 2. Will Petrie. 3. Taylor Hession. 4. Aaron Smith. 5. Terry Kay. 6. Tasman Cahill.
2nds. 1. Simon Cleary. 2. Jake Ryan. 3. Mia Francis. 4. John Eddy. 5. Daniel McDonald. 6. Jasper Dickens.
3rds. 1. Craig Leete. 2. Brenden Cahill. 3. Ned Hawkey. 4. Reid Pownall. 5. Gary Crawley. 6. Ben Ross.
4ths. 1. Matts Watts-Kilgour. 2. Angus Carmicheal. 3. Jemma Osmond. 4. Kate Ashdown. 5. Grant Ryan. 
5ths. 1. Peter Regan. 2. Sam Arogan. 3. Brodie Fox. 4. Veronica Silver. 5. Meg Smith. 
6ths. 1. Fraser Jones. 2. Eleanor Robertson. 3. Fiona Duncan. 4. Taylor Sidney. 5. Damien Anderson.
Surfing only Round 1 – Gary Alford 4ths. Jim Baker 5ths.
Next Round, May Sunday 9th.2021-04-11_11-12-31 (600 x 278)Tasman Cahill (600 x 322)
Chris Cain Styling April 2021 (600 x 318)

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