March 2021 Club Round

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Last Sunday March 14th, Lennox Longboarders Had their 2nd club round for 2021, 2nd Sign-on day & the first 2 rounds have had a huge sign on from a very enthusiastic crew. We Welcome them all on Board for 2021.
Some 30 members,  new & old, surfed a fickle morning with some surprisingly good longboarding displays in a difficult variable breaks at Lennox Main. A Sunny Pristine day with an increasing wind made the day, But the enthusiasm of the new members highlighted a fun morning for the club. Highlight also was the Cahill Boys, surfing both in the 1sts Final. 
Thanks Goes to all our Sponsors displayed on our new club trailer coming on board in 2021..
Results of the Round.
1sts. 1. Mitch Keating. 2. Brendan Cahill. 3. Tasman Cahill. 4. Mia Francis. 5. John Eddy. 6. Simon Clarey.
2nds. 1. Daniel Mcdonald. 2. Matt Watts-Kilgar. 3. Gary Crawley. 4. Nathan Eimslie. 5. Jake Ryan. 6. Ned Hawkey.
3rds. 1. Aaron Smith. 2. Michael Pride. 3. Jemma Osmond. 4. Greg Gover. 5. Fiona Duncan. 6. Taylor Sydney.
4ths. 1. Terry Kay. 2. Gary Alford. 3. Lachlan Jones. 4. Eleanor Robertson. 5. Craig Leete.
5ths. 1. Brodie Fox. 2. Sam Dwyer. 3. Brock Jensen. 4. Ben Ross.
6ths. 1. Taylor Hession. 2. Fraser Jones. 3. Reid Pownall. 4. Sam Arogan.
Surfing one round only – Kate Ashdown (4ths), Veronica Silver (5ths), Tom O’Dwyer (5ths), Adele Purbrick (6ths).  
Our Next Round is April – Sunday 11th.
Attached Is a group shot from the round. 
Cheers In surfing
(Boothy) Wayne Booth
Club Secretary
March Crew 2021 (600 x 318)
2021-03-14_10-22-03_1 (600 x 339)

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