Feb 2022 Club Round Wrap-up (Retropective)

Round Up of the Feb Opening Round for the Lennox Longboarders Club.
Firstly Welcome to 2022 to all new & previous members.The Feb Round was deferred from the 13th Feb to Sunday 20th Feb, Sign-on number 2.35 took up the challenge to participate in the 1st round of 2022. We met at Lennox Main Beach , To a 2- 3ft waves , off Shore winds till Midday. So with the incoming tide, it was near perfect for longboarding. What a way to Start 2022.Standouts for this round were Mia Francis, Winning the Firsts, Craig Leete (Our Club Photographer) coming in 3rd, It was a standout morning to hold a club round, Everybody really getting a share of Waves both Comp wise & Free surfing.Thanks to George Leslie for the Tallying & Will Petrie ,  Ben Ross on the BBQ.Thanks to Our Club Water Photographer Craig Leete & A Freelance Photographer Simon Wood , Great surfing shots on the day.Thankyou to all our Sponsors, Especially THE LENNOX HOTEL, for our Club T Shirts for 2022


1sts 1. Mia Francis. 2. Toby Creigh. 3. Craig Leete. 4. Gary Alford. 5. Callum Gover. 6. Eleanor Robertson.

2nds. 1. Greg Gover. 2. Ned Hawkey. 3. Ross Francis. 4. Jemma Osmond. 5. Rob Rye. 6. Gary Crawley.

3rds, 1. Lauchie Jones. 2. Matt Watt-Kilgour. 3. Andrew Smith. 4. Taylor Hession. 5. Tomoni Imoui. 6. Tim Leete

4ths. 1. Will Petrie. 2. Emily Simmons. 3. Jim Baker. 4. Grant Ryan. 5. Wayne Booth. 6. Fiona Duncan.

5ths, 1, Ben Ross, 2, Andy Thomas. 3. Terry Kay. 4. Josh Champion. 5. Meg Smith. 6. Liz Petterson.

6ths. 1. Kurt Hardy. 2. Kate Spence. Surfed only ROUND 1 – Sam Dwyer.

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