June 2022 Club Round

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June 2022 Club Round was held on Sunday 12th at Lennox Main Beach.

 Being right in the middle of the long weekend. Numbers were down with 17 crew fronting up & 12 Surfing.The surf was brilliant, Surfed on the Bank in front of the Picnic Shed Lennox Main. A remaining swell that has been with Lennox Beach Breaks for 1 week .A Pristine winter day & in plus metre surf on the sets,  Winning the Firsts, Callum Gover in amongst some outstanding Longboarding from the Young Guns.Also excelling amongst her Male competitors was Jemma Osmond, only 2 ladies surfing on the day, relishing in the conditions.

Thanks to our Sponsors,

Vouchers recipients. Rip Curl Ballina – Kayla Spence. Lennox Head Surf – Stu James. Lennox Pizza & Pasta – Wayne Booth. Lennox Gelato & Coffee –  Ned Hawkey. Lennox Hotel – Jake Ryan.


1sts. 1. Callum Gover. 2. Gary Alford. 3. Jake Ryan.

2nds. 1. Ned Hawkey. 2. Terry Kay. 3. Stu James.

3rds. 1. Gary Crawley. 2. Will Petrie. 3. Kayla Spence.

4ths. 1. Matt Watts-Kilgour. 2. Jemma Osmond. 3. Grant Ryan.

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From Left – Ned Hawkeye, Matt Watts-Kilgour, Jake Ryan & Stu James
Callum Gover, Jemma Osmond, Jim Baker & George Leslie
The Break Lennox Main

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