March 2023 Club Round

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March 2023 Club Round, Report & Results.

Finally after two Cancellations in February to club rounds We finally kicked the year off on Sunday 12th of March. At Lennox Main Beach in smallish to mid size Waves crashing onto a fairly straight sandbank on an incoming tide. Difficult waves at times .

30 Club Members fronted up to surf.

Stand out longboarding from the First Finalists winning that one Jackson Cochrane. Standout Ladies on the day were Jemma Osmond & Newcomer Sam Egan

Winners of the monthly Vouchers From Our Valued Sponsors on board again for 2023 

Rip Curl Ballina – Fiona Duncan & Jemma Osmond

Lennox Gelato & Coffee – Eleanor McCready & Nick Mitchell

Lennox Head Surf – Andrew Smith & Meg Smith

Lennox Pizza & Pasta – George Leslie & Tim Leete


Ists. 1. Jackson Cochrane. 2. Taylor Hession. 3. Rob Rye. 4. Will Petrie. 5. Stu James

2nds 1. Kurt Hardy. 2. Andrew Thomas. 3. Jemma Osmond. 4. Craig Leete. 5. Gary Alford.

3rds. 1. Tim Leete. 2. Matt Watts-Kilgour. 3. Nick Mitchell. 4. Gary Crawley. 5. Khayla Spence.

4ths 1. Sam Egan. 2. Eleanor Robertson. 3. Eleanor McCready. 4. Veronica Silver.

5ths .1. Meg Smith. 2. Cori Hardy. 3. Emily Simmonds. 4. Andrew Smith. 5. Kate Ashdown.

6ths . 1. Tomomi Imoue . 2. Fiona Duncan. 3. Lacey Jade.

Surfing only the 1st Round –  Jim Baker , Terry Kay & Grant Ryan

Our Next EVENT for the Club is The 2nd Rip Curl Lennox Longboard One Dayer 2023 , On Sat 25th March 2023

Our Next Club Round is the April Round schedule for the 3rd Sunday the 16th, Due to Easter..

Attached are 1.  A group Shot, 2. Longboards on the Fence @ Lennox Main Again. & Ist 2nd & 4th in the 1sts Final Surfing Shots.

Cheers In Longboard Surfing

Club Secretary 

Wayne Booth 

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March 2023 Groupy
Jackson Cochrane
Taylor Hession
Will Petrie

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