Opening Round 2021 Sunday 14th Feb

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To all crew Both New & Old
Welcome to you all……
Ist Club Round for 2021 / Report & Results
Sunday Feb 14th, the club finally got a club round underway, following a layoff of all 2020 for the club.
Back at Lennox main beach. Surfable small conditions, south winds & occasional rain squalls. 30 New & old members were to surf  2 rounds.
It was our 1st sign-on for 2021 ,pretty well 40 signed on, a great turnout
Welcome aboard to the new contingent of young Members, surfing on the day.
 Nearly 2 rounds surfed, interrupted & surfing suspended due to a gusty rain squall just before midday. It was wild…
Previously to that some contestable waves with some longboarding maneuvers displayed with finesse.
Standouts in the Firsts Final, Jackson Cochrane, Will Petrie, & Mia Francis, Power & grace mixed in to their Surfing styles. 
The BBQ was fired up. New Sponsors all displayed on our new trailer. We appreciate their support for the club into 2021
So The Lennox longboarders crew are back & looking forward to 2021. A great start for the year, With a healthy membership sign-on for number one & a new trailer & some great local Sponsorship. 
Club Trailer Sponsors.jpg
1sts. 1.Jackson Cochrane. 2. Will Petrie. 3. Mia Francis. 4. Ned Hawkey. 5. Toby Ryan.
2nds. 1. James Foster. 2. Terry Kay. 3. Gary Alford. 4. Tim Leete. 5. Peter Briggs.
3rds. 1. Jake Ryan. 2. Eleanor Robertson. 3. Craig Leete. 4. Sam Dwyer. 5. Meg Smith.
4ths. 1. Jemma Osmond. 2. Daniel Mcdonald. 3. Kate Ashdown. 4. Veronica Silver. 5. Grant Ryan.
5ths. 1. Chris Ashdown. 2. Andrew Smith. 3. Andrew Thomas. 
Surfing only 1 round – Greg Gover, Adele Purbrick, 
6ths 2nd round cancelled, Due to weather conditions. 
Surfing 1 round, Fraser Jones, Jim Baker & Ben Ross
Call for a club meeting to discuss Club AGM @ Club Lennox Tuesday 23rd All Welcome.
Next club round scheduled for March , Sunday 14th.  
Mia Francis

Will Petrie

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