November Round 2018 Wrap-Up…

November 2018 Round Wrapup
Nov Round 2018 2
Sunday 11th November Finally a Sunday round for the Club, October round was cancelled because of Sunday blowouts. So 30 CREW turned up at Lennox Main to surf our final round for 2018.
Conditions were small 2- 3ft  with a incoming tide late morning & favourable winds for all the first rounds. 
Standout longboarding full of noseriding was Alex Glassington but Winning the Firsts was Will Petrie he did some great maneuvers  to pip Alex , so 1 & 2. And the stand out lady was again Jenny Hellyar
relishing in the small conditions matching it with the Guys.
The BBQ Again was undertaken by the Will Petrie , we thanks him for 2018 feeding all the crew at rounds. 
And thanks goes to Grant Ryan & George Leslie Comp Directing for 2018 always appreciated.
Winners of the Final Vouchers from Lennox Surf were Una  Durkin & Grant Ryan. We thank all our club support for 2018.
Special thanks goes to Criag Leete for all the Water Pics for the round & for all 2018, some real classy upclose shots our there surfing. Fully appreciated by all.
Our Club Xmas & presso do is set for Saturday 15TH December.
1sts. 1.Will Petrie. 2. Alex Glassington. 3. Jake Ryan. 4. Gary Alford. 5. Jenny Hellyar.
2nds. 1. Matt Durkin. 2. Grant Ryan. 3. Jimmy Baker. 4. Una Durkin.
3rds. 1. Terry Kay. 2. Wayne Booth. 3. Andrew Thomas. 4. Nick Mitchell. 5. Peter Briggs.
4ths. 1. Eleanor Robertson. 2. Kate Ashdown. 3. Roz Brown.
5ths. 1. Greg Gover. 2. Veronica Silver. 3. Celine Walsh. 4. Liz Petterson
6ths .1. Meg Smith. 2. Heather Reynolds. 3. Ron Crowther.
Surfing Only One Round. Nathan Mackenzie 2nd, Craig Leete 4th & Tom Silver 4th
Now inspiration for the Club in 2018 is our Ladies Membership now exceeding greater than 1/3 all longboarding crew… Fully Stoked…
Thanks to all for 2018 & may The Festive Season be a safe one for all with utmost stoke & good will out on the water.
Resume Club Rounds In 2019  Sunday February 10th . Info on the club website – & Email –
Cheers In Surfing, 
Club Secretary (Boothy) Wayne Booth. 
November 2018 Group
Nov Round 2018
Nov Round 2018 1
Alex Glassington 1Alex Glassington 2Jenny Hellyar_20181111_174000Gary Alford 1
Roz Brown

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