May (Mothers Day) Club Round 2019 Wrapup

May, (Mothers Day) Club Round 2019 Wrapup.
Sunday May 12th was the day for our Club Mothers day round. We met at Lennox Main beach, low tide, sand bank smack in front of us & a rising south swell. A challenge on the sets to get out the back. A marked difference from the small conditions of Saturday.
27 members fronted up, with 25 surfing. Special note to the Surfing MOTHERS on the day.
Standout for the ladies was Lee Middleton leading the Ladies charge. Winning on the day was the return of the longboarding skills of Ben Dickens, followed up by some great moves by Aaron Smith. And a special note of a top effort goes to Junior Angus Gover, longboarding way above for himself. Surfing in the Firsts final , stoke to do so. 
So the day was for the mums & the group picture with the kids, (ATTACHED) added to the celebrations of the day.
Thanks goes to Tom Silver for his BBQ Skills… 
Winners of the Vouchers from our Sponsor Lennox Surf were: Grant Ryan & Una Durkin.
Results :
Firsts. 1. Ben Dickens. 2. Aaron Smith. 3. Terry Kay. 4. Rob Rye. 5. Angus Gover.
Seconds. 1. Jake Ryan. 2. Lee Middleton. 3. Peter Regan. 4. James Foster. 5. Andrew Thomas.
Thirds. 1. Greg Gover. 2. Matt Durkin. 3. Gary Alford. 4. Andrew Smith. 5. Fiona Duncan.
Fourths. 1. Nick Mitchell. 2. Eleanor Robinson. 3. Celine Walsh.  Una Durkin & Grant Ryan First round only.
Fifths. 1. Veronica Silver. 2. Adele Purbrick. 3. Liz Petterson. Liz Thomas 1st Round Only.
Mothers Day Club Round May 12th 2019 Mums Shot.

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