May Club Round 2018 (Mothers Day Round)


Yes, it was Mother’s Day & Yes it was Our May Club round. And the Swell arrived on Sunday 13th May. We gathered at Lennox Main. The previous day was flat as, But Sunday brought us a pristine day, Early high tide, With a swell hitting a fairly straight bank at about a metre plus on the sets out the back.

36 Members turned up to enjoy the day.
Stand outs for the day was of course the Mum’s & their commitments to surf.
The Martinovich Lads, Kai & Dan (new to the club) were standouts this round. Kai winning the Firsts & Dan 3rd in the Seconds Final.
Winners of the Vouchers From Lennox Surf were to 2 mums. Adele Purbrick & Roz Brown.
A presentation was made to our Club Major Sponsor 2017 Mobile Plumbing Lennox Head. Thank To Presto & MP , again supporting us in 2018
And special mention . To Will Petrie with the BBQ & Food for MUM’S day. Thanks Will.
And the commitment award for surfing some of the gunner sets on the bank outside goes to Rob Rye & Will Petrie, Guts & determination ..

Results :

1sts. 1. Kai Martinovich. 2. Matt Durkin. 3. Nelson Stevens. 4. Steve Walshe. 5. Aden Corbett. 6. Greg Gover.
2nds. 1. Will Petrie. 2. Rob Rye. 3. Dan Martinovich. 4. Jim Baker. 5. Terry Kay. 6. Meg Smith.
3rds .1. Max Squires. 2. Eleanor Robertson. 3. Celine Walshe. 4. Adele Purbrick.
4ths. 1. John Eddy. 2. Roz Brown. 3. Tom Silver. 4. Andrew Thomas.
5ths. 1. Bob Mills. 2. Jake Ryan. 3. Heather Reynolds. 4. Emily Simmonds. 5. Liz Petterson
6ths . 1. Grant Ryan. 2. Reuben Greentree. 3. Veronica Silver.
Surfed the First Round : Nathan Mackenzie 3rd, Nick Mitchell 3rd, Wayne Booth 4th, Mal Lewis 5th, Steve O’neill 6th, Dan Naughton 6th.
Next Club round June Sunday 10th. 
And the 21st MP Lennox Longboard Classic 2018 , 4th & 5th August, @ Lennox Main. 
Entry Forms Club’s Website,
Cheers, In Surfing Wayne Booth Club Secretary.
ATTACHED are some Pics of the round
Mother’s group shot. & Longboards again rule the fence at Lennox Main

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