May 2017 Club Round (Mothers Day)

Lennox Longboarders May Club Round 2017 (Mothers Day) Report & Results

Surfing Mums MAY  club round

Surfing Mums MAY club round

It was a overcast rain affected Sunday 14th,  for our Club round for  May  (Mothers Day Round). 20 determined members fronted. With very trying conditions for the  Mother’s Day Round of Lennox Longboarders 2017 , with relentless 3-4 foot waves pounding onto the sandbank at Lennox Beach Breaks. Long paddle outs were the order of the day with more than a few surfers getting flogged in the whitewater.   In the first’s, John Eddy charged into the close out’s with bold critical manoeuvres, narrowly being beaten by the classy style of Aaron Cooper-Smith. A very warm welcome to Chris Dent surfing his first competition with Lennox Longboarders.

A SPECIAL mention to the surfing mums on the day                                                             Mothers Day was celebrated with the traditional chicken and champagne, many thanks to Kate and Chris Ashdown, Rob Rye and Will Petrie for preparing our picnic. (Despite the weather)


Firsts. 1. Aaron Coopersmith. 2. John Eddy. 3. Will Petrie. 4. Robert Rye. 5. Craig Leete. 6. Andrew Thomas.

Seconds. 1. Greg Gover. 2. Tim Leete. 3. Chris Dent. 4. Veronica Silver. 5. Kate Ashdown. 6. Meg Smith.

Thirds. 1. Eleanor Robertson. 2. Liz Petterson. 3. Terry Kay. 4. Mal Lewis.

Surfed the 1st Round – Gary Alford, Bevan Armstrong & Chris Cain.

Voucher Winners. From our Sponsors. Lennox Coastal Cafe – Adele Purbrick & Lennox Surf – Chris Cain

Next Club Round Sunday June 11th

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