July 2018 Club News

Firstly July Club Round Report & Results & The 21st Lennox Longboard Classic 2018 Preview, 1st weekend of August.

Sunday the 8th July was the scheduled club round for the club. We mean’t @ 730am @ Lennox Main Beach on a pristine to say the least, Winters day. Off shore westerly winds & a small to start with swell 2- 3ft. A massive foreshore sandbank has formed at Lennox Main. And with the vote 22 members decided to have the round. The surf actually got better. It was a morning of enjoyment for all with some stylish Longboarding maneuvers & such a great sun- blessed day.
Standouts for this round were Pictured above Alex Glassington 1st in the Firsts final & Roz Brown pictured above in Yellow 2nd in the Firsts final.
And Highest scoring wave with moves from all forms of  longboarding maneuvers was Ben O’dwyer in the 2nds Final.
Family surfing of the day were the Leetes Craig 3rd in the 1sts, Mathew 2nd in the Seconds & Tim 1st in the 3rds final
Thanks to Craig Leete for the water photography & Alex & Cate Glassington, For all the pics of club members surfing from the shore line
1sts. 1. Alex Glassington. 2. Roz Brown. 3. Craig Leete. 4. Will Petrie.
2nds. 1. Ben O’dwyer. 2. Mathew Leete. 3. Terry Kay. 4. Greg Gover.
3rds. 1. Tim Leete. 2. Andrew Thomas. 3. Kate Ashdown. 4. Liz Petterson.
4ths. 1. Eleanor Robertson. 2. Wayne Booth. 3. Grant Ryan. 4. Mal Lewis.
5ths. 1. Jim Baker. 2. Tom Silver. 3. Veronica Silver. 4. Peter Briggs.
Surfing only Round 1 Nathan Silver & Callum Gover
Attached are Alex Glassington & Roz Brown pictured surfing the 1st Final
Craig Leete in 1sts Final & Ben O’dwyer showing some nose riding style.
Craig Leete

Craig Leete

Ben O'dywer

Ben O’dywer

In the middle of that Northern NSW stretch of coastline so steeped in Australian surfing lore, the Lennox Longboarders have been running their annual Classic for all comers & all ages for 21 years this year. And you know it’s going to be a grand time come the first week of August.
The Lennox Longboarders is a “no-profit,non-professional , all-fun club” & the Classic is supported by MP local plumbing & a bunch of local businesses.
Divisions Include, Juniors, Ladies Open & Over 50’s. Mens Open, Over 40’s , Over 60’s & Over 65, Old Mal & Loggers.
Some 100 competitors roll up from all parts of Oz to compete in  Longboarding Surfing.
We as a organisation support the Cancer Council NSW, Westpac Rescue Helicopter & the Disabled Surfing Association over many of the past 20 years of the Event. 
Cheers, In Surfing, Wayne Booth. Club Secretary.

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