February 2018 Club Round.

February 2018 Club Round.


To All New & Current Members. Media Groups (Lennox Wave) & Advocate.
The above Picture sets the Scene for the club’s 1st Round for 2018, surfed last Sunday the 11th February. The longboards lined up at Lennox Main Foreshore. Showing the huge sign up some 40 members & 35 surfing.
The day had pristine Sun with little or no wind to start with a light north easterly picking up mid morning, Waves 3- 4ft on the sets Surfing mostly the reforms, Pretty straight sandback out back, legacy of prior large swells some weeks back.
We welcome new members to the Club, Celine Marchal & Steve Walshe. Reuben Greentree, Aden Corbett, Max Squires, & also to Alex Glassington & Ben O’Dwyer past Club Juniors returning as seasoned longboarders, capturing 1st & 2nd in the Firsts final.
Standout for the Ladies Roz Brown’s 4th in the Firsts final.
Winner of the Voucher from our club sponsor again for 2018 Lennox Surf was Mal Lewis
& News of some new sponsorship for the club (more details to come)
Attached are 1. Club Feb Group Shot. 2. Presentation of a Certificate of appreciation from the Disabled Surfers Association to Club President Chris Ashdown. 3. The Longboards lined up.
Our next Club Meet is the 2nd Sunday Of March the 11th. 2nd Sign-on.
Round Results.
1sts. 1. Alex Glassington. 2. Ben O’Dwyer. 3. Callum Gover. 4. Roz Brown. 5. Gary Alford. 6. Andrew Smith.
2nds. 1. James Foster. 2. Greg Gover. 3. Terry Kay. 4. Tom O’Dwyer. 5. Kate Ashdown. 6. Reuben Greentree.
3rds. 1. Nathan Mackenzie. 2. Peter Regan. 3. Bob Mills. 4. Steve O’Neill.
4ths. 1. Grant Ryan. 2. Jim Baker. 3. Tom Silver. 4. Adele Purbrick. 5. Celine Marchal (Walshe). 6. Bevan Armstrong.
5ths. 1. Peter Briggs. 2. Veronica Silver. 3. Nick Mitchell. 4. Kim Ford.
6ths. 1. Liam Byrne. 2. Mal Lewis. 3. Andrew Thomas. 4. Meg Smith.
Surfing One Round Only.
Aiden Corbett, Craig Leete, Heather Reynolds, Mark Preston
Cheers In Surfing Club Secretary Wayne Booth (Boothy)
Feb 2018 Club Group Pic

Feb 2018 Club Group Pic


DSC_0579DSC_0573Presentation of Certificate from The Disabled Surfers Association

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